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What you should know about Ga Covid Vaccine Exemption Form for Adults

  1. Form based on the Official Code of Georgia Annotated 20-2-771 4.e
  2. Vaccinations exempted include Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, and more
  3. Allows for refusal of vaccines due to conflicting religious beliefs

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About Ga Immunization Exemption Form

The Georgia Immunization Exemption Form is a document that allows individuals residing in the state of Georgia to request an exemption from certain vaccine requirements for themselves or their dependents. This form is necessary for individuals who do not wish to receive or administer immunizations due to medical reasons, religious beliefs, or personal objections. The Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) recognizes three types of exemptions: medical, religious, and philosophical. A medical exemption is granted when a licensed healthcare provider states that receiving a particular vaccine may be harmful to an individual due to contraindications or precautionary concerns. On the other hand, a religious exemption is granted to individuals whose religious beliefs prohibit immunizations. Finally, a philosophical exemption is granted to individuals who have a personal objection to immunizations. To obtain an exemption, individuals must fill out the Georgia Immunization Exemption Form, which can be obtained from the DPH website or local health departments. The form requires details such as the applicant's personal information, the type of exemption being sought, and a statement explaining the basis for the exemption request. It must be signed and notarized if submitting a religious or philosophical exemption. It is important to note that the Georgia Immunization Exemption Form does not guarantee exemption from all vaccines, as certain vaccination requirements may still apply in certain circumstances, such as outbreaks or when enrolling in childcare or school. The form must be submitted to the appropriate authorities, such as schools, colleges, and healthcare providers, for verification and approval. Overall, the Georgia Immunization Exemption Form is required for individuals in Georgia who seek exemptions from specific vaccine requirements based on medical, religious, or philosophical reasons. It serves as a formal request to justify exemption from immunizations for oneself or dependents.

People also ask about Ga Covid Vaccine Exemption Form for Adults

What is the purpose of the Ga Covid Vaccine Exemption Form for Adults?
The form allows individuals to seek exemption from vaccinations based on religious beliefs.
Who needs to fill out this form?
Parents or legal guardians objecting to immunization on religious grounds for their child.
Where should the completed form be submitted?
The form should be provided to the responsible official of the child's school or facility.

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Instructions and Help about Ga Covid Vaccine Exemption Form for Adults

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